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Congratulations for finishing the EDUC 190 course! 🙂


Trojans: Friends or Enemies?

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A Trojan horse for a present

A Trojan horse as an enemy


Do not be deceived by presents, charming words or beautiful smiles. Always be critical and have venues to question or even doubt. People change. People make mistakes. It is all up to us how we will handle such possible unfortunate situations.


Just like the Trojan, as a harmful and malicious computer program that contains viruses and worms, it comes to our computer without any caution. It replicates itself and start harming our computers.


I learned how important it is to have virus detector and cleaner program. Though these programs may not guarantee a 100% clean and virus-free computer, delimiting the attacks of viruses is enough for us to work on our computers longer and more efficiently. 🙂

“Women hold half of the sky.”

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“Women hold half of the sky.”

-Mao Tse Tung

As long as this society remains feudal and patriarchal, women and children will always struggle to fight for equal rights and services.

Happy Women’s Day! 😀


i am a woman

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You thought that I am weak,
But I am strong..
You thought that I am helpless,
But I am smart..
You thought that I would fail,
But I’m on top..
You thought I would be over by now,
But I won’t stop..
Even in my years to come,
I’m still be here.

Because I am a woman
I have my own strength.
I have worth.
I can make it.
I will survive.
I will keep on surviving…

(inspired by the song of Destiny’s Child- Survivor) 😀

Let the Women Be…

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Let them be who they want to be..

Let them see…

Let them hear..

Let them be free…

woman, without you, man is nothing

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“Mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children. ” Eric Draven, The Crow, 1994

Femininity at its Finest!

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